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TIS 544BM 20x12 - 544BM-2128144

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Bolt Pattern:
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Who Is TIS Wheels?

TIS Wheels, also known as Twenty Inches Strong, got its start by focusing on 20-inch wheels. The classic size that you cannot go wrong with. Once they started to get more popular and gain some steam, they started to push the boundaries a little bit. As people started to recognize the TIS brand they went bigger, bolder, and better with their aftermarket wheel designs.

What Makes The TIS 544BM So Special?

The TIS 544BM has consistently been a really popular wheel. It looks flawless on so many different builds, whether you like a stance-y setup or something ready to rip through some off-road terrain the TIS 544BM has an option for you.

This is because the 544BM has so many different sizing and offset options available to you. From 16" - 26" in diameter, offsets from -198 all the way up to +127 mm and width options include 6.5" - 14" wide.

The design of this wheel is an 8-spoke directional design. (Not true directional though). It features a beautiful black milled finish that will pair well with any kind or color vehicle you drive. The 544BM has exposed lug nuts and a stylized center cap. It is an alloy wheel and is available for a large number of bolt patterns for virtually any type of build.

The TIS 544BM has a perfect 5-Star Customer Rating! This is almost unheard of, so you can tell that people are really satisfied with the quality and aesthetic of their TIS Wheels and we promise you will be too.

Key Features:

  • Size selection to cater to everyone
  • Wild Directional Design
  • 5-star customer rating
  • High-quality construction

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit