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Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T Plus Hybrid AT/MT LT265/70R17 - TVPRT01N

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Venom Power Tires is a manufacturing company based out of China that has taken the tire industry by storm in their first couple years of production. Venom Power is dedicated to providing quality tires at the lowest cost possible to the point where they have little to no marketing for their tires.

If you've tried to research the company, you won't be able to find a website or much information because they are solely focused on making and selling quality rubber. The Venom Terra Hunter R/T is their hybrid tire that will guarantee first rate controllability and a safer driving experience.

What Makes the Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T Plus So Good?

As mentioned, the Terra Hunter R/T is a hybrid tire giving you MT performance and all terrain road noise levels making them the perfect pick for SUVs and light trucks. This model has a dual tire sidewall that gives you the option of running a more aggressive sidewall or a standard sidewall for precise customization.

The Terra Hunter R/T is also three-peak mountain snowflake tires meaning they are highly rated for ice and snow which makes them a great option for year round driving.

What Makes the Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T Plus Special?

The Terra Hunter R/T has a well engineered tread pattern with all around high performance for the price point. Its closed center tread pattern consists of a large square divided into four pieces with a closed, tight knit center patch that reduces road noise compared to an MT tire. They still manage to include fairly large siping in between these pieces which provide solid traction.

With this tread layout providing a quieter ride without sacrificing traction, it is clearly the stand out feature of this model.

What Sizes Does the Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T Plus Come In?

The Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T comes in tire sizes between 31 to 37 inches for wheel sizes between 18 and 26 inches in diameter.

Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T Plus Key Features

  • Hybrid Tire providing a mixture of MT and AT tire treads
  • Dual Tire Sidewall with one side extra aggressive to customize the look of your ride
  • Three-peak mountain snowflake rated for snow and ice
  • Closed Center Tread pattern divided into four pieces with large siping for solid traction
  • Tight Knit Center Patch for road noise reduction

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit